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One Blonde Goes Cruising

Hello hello,

Firstly, I'd like to apologise for the delay in getting this blog post live. I wish I could make up a huge excuse to make me look better but realistically I'm a very busy, very lazy b*tch...

Anyway, I went on a two week Mediterranean cruise last month and OH MY GOD wasn't it the best holiday ever! I sailed on the Independence of the Seas with Royal Caribbean and I had the time of my life. This was my 9th cruise now - and I can honestly say that cruising changes the way you look at holidays forever. From the food, to waking up in a different place everyday. 

I sailed on the Independence of the Seas with Royal Caribbean - and must I say the boat felt like a city! There were so many things to do on board: ice skating, DRINKING, rock climbing, wave rider surfing, mini golf, EATING, cinema, live shows. As you can imagine, I've put on a fair few pounds and drowned myself in strawberry daiquiris.

A cruise is perfect for a group holiday, as you can go off and do your own thing during the day, then meet up for the perfect dinner and drinks at night. 

There were 12 of us on this holiday including my boyfriend, mum, dad, sister and family. I could probably sit here and write for hours about this trip, but you're all gonna get bored at some point so I'm gonna break it down into a little short point of each day/destination. The pictures pretty much say it all!

Day 1 - Southampton

The cruise sailed out of Southampton, and if I was to recommend anything to you it would be to sail out from somewhere else. I felt like doing this kind of wasted two days for two reasons - the English weather which we can never trust, and the horrible sea sickness going over the Bay of Biscay (that don't mix nicely with a hangover). 

Day 2/3 - At Sea

The second and third day consisted of a few of my fave activities: exploring, sun bathing, eating and trying out every cocktail on the menu. The great thing about cruises is that you can literally never be bored on a sea day, the ship had way too much to offer.

Day 4 - Gibraltar

I still can't get over my heartbreak in this day. My family and I had planned to go and see the monkeys on the Gibraltar Rock, and after a long-ass walk to the cable cars, they decided to close them because of the wind. Not being able to see the monkeys some how made me a little more obsessed with them. Apart from this, Gibraltar was a beautiful little city.

Day 5 - At Sea

Strawberry daiquiri, peach daiquiri, mango daiquiri...

Day 6 - Monte Carlo

This had to be one of my favourite stops. The ship actually docked in Nice, but we decided to hop on the train and explore Monte Carlo. Firstly, we walked along the marina, and then up towards the casino (while popping into all the designer shops and falling in love). The only thing about Monte Carlo was that it was SUPER expensive! Though, if I won the lottery, I definitely know where I'd return to for a weekend away...

Day 7 - Rome

I have to admit, I'm a totally uncultured city gal who doesn't have a clue about anything outwith, so I wasn't sure what to expect from Rome but OH MY GOD. This city was a dream. We booked a bus tour which took us to the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain and Vatican City and we got to spend around an hour and a half at each spot. Each one totally blew me away, not just the landmarks but the lovely surroundings, oh and the pizza. Tossing a coin in the Trevi Fountain has ticked one point off my bucket list - yay!

Day 8 - Florence & Pisa

Again, two beautiful cities that I totally wasn't expecting. I'm completely guilty of not having a clue what any of the cathedrals or statues were in Florence, but the city was stunning. It was an afternoon of wandering around, getting lost, pizza and wine, while dreaming over more designer shops. We then were taken to Pisa for an hour, the perfect amount of time for the only thing I wanted to do - get a photo with the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Gotta admit, this was WAAAYYY harder than it looks! 

Day 9 - Provence

After a crazy few days of being the ultimate tourists, we decided that a day off was needed. A chilled day by the pool is always a winner...

Day 10 - At Sea

On Independence of the Seas, you have three formal nights in which you get all dressed up for a lovely dinner and some professional photos - what's not to love?! The entertainment on this ship was unbelievable too with street parties, pool parties, belly flop competitions and even it's own nightclub. As you can imagine, there were a few drunken nights in there, followed by the 24 hour pizza parlour.

Day 11 - Malaga

A beach day, finally! After a week of walking and exploring cities, I was B U Z Z I N G to see a beach and jump in the ocean. Malaga was such a laugh - we spent the afternoon on the inflatables in the middle of the sea, with climbing walls, trampolines and seesaws. Bruised and battered, but laughing!

Day 12 - Lisbon

We didn't have much planned for Lisbon, so decided to hop off the ship and do what we do best - wandering. We managed to come across a beautiful big square on the sea front which was filled with bars, restaurants and shops so of course we spent the day eating, drinking and shopping.

Day 13/14 - At Sea

Going back over the Bay of Biscay, these two days at sea resulted in the holiday blues already kicking in. With rain, sea sickness and the worlds worst hangover, I'm guilty of spending my last day in bed 'fighting the whitey' while everyone else made the most of the ships entertainment and amazing facilities.

There is so many more things that I could go on about but I'm pretty sure your eyes are starting to get that little bit squint now. All I have to say is this definitely won't be my last cruising holiday, I couldn't recommend it enough for people that want to see the world!

Now it's time for a diet and a few months in the gym...

Speak soon,

Amy xox

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