Sunday, 15 January 2017


Another day, another slay in our ultimate fave EGO booties…

Let’s be real, this is the cosiest and most weather appropriate look that we have done, and oh it felt so good shooting it! I may need to wear a scarf in every blog post now.

All we’ve been living in right now has been oversized knits and pyjamas - I’m sure you guys are guilty of this too?! Cosy is always key, so I (Amy) styled up my baby pink Missguided jumper with the coat of DREAMS. This was only £40 from H&M and I know is the type to never make it back into my wardrobe - it can be paired with literally anything to finish of a chic winter look. Huge scarfs wrapped round so that you can hardly breathe or see has to be my favourite trend yet - looking sassy while being as snug as ever - w i n n i n g! 

Ripped denim is a big yes please for everything right now - from jackets to chokers to BOOTIES! The shoe lovers that we are, of course fell totally in love with EGO’s new denim styles. These ‘Shaney’ denim ankle boots give my ootd (outfit of the day to any non fashionista readers) a total freshen up, and I cannot wait to style them up with a little floral dress in the summer for a day of cocktails. A gal can only dream…

January blues? Yup, us too. Taking them blues into some chunky knits is the only way forward gals. Oversized is everything, so Melisa grabbed this jumper of dreams in a large for extra cosiness, sassin’ it up with a little black cowboy deet belt and black beanie - always a good accessory to hide a bad hair day lol…

Melisa is wooooorkin’ the OTK’s as always. These ‘Quinn’ ripped denim numbers are the perfect boots to give that street style edge to any outfit. And, they keep ya little legs as cosy as ever… Can’t wait to steal these babies and work them with a little band tee and leather jacket!

How are you babes surviving the January blues? Power through with sassy outfits and a large glass of wine, it’s working for us…

Lots of love,

TBOB xoxo

Scarf: H&M
Boots: EGO
Sunglasses: La Moda

Jumper: H&M
Hat: H&M
Boots: EGO



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